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About the Founder


Growing up, my family would always have me massage their hands, feet, calves, back, neck, shoulders,

face.. basically a full body massage. Being my father's daughter, I am naturally very strong. My mom and

brother LOVE deep tissue massage, and without schooling, I naturally and from experience got to master

the art of massage. 

By high school freshman year, I had 2-3 clients in math class, and about the same in drama. Never for

money, of course. I just loved to do bodywork. I looked into it as a career, and their statistics of length in

the industry and finances had my doubtful that this was the path for me.

 I love marketing and am very independent, so I went to Shasta College for a few years while working

four jobs willingly. But after taking a break from college and settling down to focus on 1-2 jobs, I started

some critical thinking about my future. I was exerting my energy towards industries I wasn't passionate

about. I love to work, but I could have been using all my energy towards something I can call my own

and gives me the responsibility I crave. I wanted to build an empire.

In October 2013, I went to the CASA Superhero Run to support abused and neglected children.

Following the run, I saw free chair massages and waited in line for one. I started asking the lady

questions: Where did you get your schooling done? Marinello Schools of Beauty. Do you like your job?

Yes, it's rewarding and fun. Do you make enough to make your life comfortable and happy? Yes.

That settled it. I signed up for my massage therapy program at Marinello and started in January 2014.

I started my business, Jordan Fisher's Therapeutic Massage, in August 2014, immediately following

graduation. After four years, being the newly wedded Mrs. Jordan Valenzuela, I decided to expand my

family and business. My old sole proprietorship ended, and I created Shasta Strong Massage and

Wellness, LLC on Hartnell Avenue in Redding.

My husband, Zakari, and daughter Anabelle (3 years old), have been the blessings at home that make

life wholesome.But we wanted another for our developing "empire." So we welcomed baby Niko in early

August 2019. As our babies are growing, so is my business. Expansion can be scary, but we don't grow

when we stay inside our comfort zone.

I am a passionate mother, athlete, bodywork professional, and creator. I have exceptional goals and

ambitions. And even if I don't meet them all, I never want to stop learning and growing my empire.

Sharing Knowledge

Communication is key. I need to know what you're feeling, experiencing and what you're looking to gain in order to best help you. In turn, I will explain the treatment and what you can expect to gain from it. 

My Vision

My vision for Shasta Strong Massage and Wellness comes from my love for my community and also, conveniently enough, reflects my personal style of massage. I hope to bring more awareness to personal care and promote healthy lifestyle choices for Redding and the surrounding communities.

The Rooms

Valley Room

Valley Room

Massage therapy

We have quite a few luxuriously comforting treatment rooms, each inspired by our majestic Shasta County landmarks and surrounding areas.

Valley Room

Valley Room

Valley Room

massage therapy

The first to your right, and the smallest room is inspired by our own Happy and Central Valleys, here in the Northstate. Valleys symbolize a time of rest. Take your time in this session to do just that.

River Room

Valley Room

Mountain Room

massage therapy

Rivers symbolize time. The scenic Sacramento River runs 382 miles straight through Redding. If you also happen to be coming through Redding, we encourage you to take the time to enjoy yourself with a therapeutic massage and just be in the moment and mindset of self-care.

Mountain Room

Mountain Room

Mountain Room

couples massage | side by side massage | ashiatsu

Our largest of the rooms is the Mountain Room. With Lassen 50 miles to the east and Shasta 60 miles to the north of Redding, they embody obstacles to overcome, as well as illustrate a beautiful future on the horizon. We invite our couples, friends, and pairs of family members to bond and repair yourselves, together. For your convenience, we installed ashiatsu bars in this room to provide the option for single, side-by-side, or couples' ashiatsu (barefoot) massage, as well as other offered modalities. Together, you can overcome physical and emotional obstacles by treating your bodies with a session like this.

Lake Room

Mountain Room

Lake Room

pregnancy massage | maternity massage

Lakes, like water, are said to be the giver of fertility. In addition, it can represent the transitions of life. Be taken care of by our therapists in this room for a pre-, post-, or current pregnancy massage (prone,

reclined supine, or side-lying for maximum comfort). This room often smells of Young Living's "Gentle Baby" essential oil. We also allow anyone going through a major life transition to find a sense of peace

here with their session.

Sky Room

Mountain Room

Lake Room

massage therapy

Very secluded at the end of the hall, with a personal restroom, is our Sky Room. Although it may not be a Redding landmark, we can't deny the beautiful skies we experience here in the country setting. The Sky Room provides a heavenly energy when experiencing any spa session.